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Who can give consent for immunisations?

Anyone with parental responsibility can give consent for their child’s immunisations. This is in most cases the child’s birth mother and father or adoptive parents. Foster carers may have delegated authority for routine health reviews, emergency healthcare, and to follow parental choice for routine immunisations. Please check with your social worker if you are unsure.

We make every effort to contact parents before our immunisation sessions to ask them to complete a consent form to give or refuse their consent. This includes a letter sent by the school on our behalf, text reminders and phone calls. If we have a form returned, we will not contact parents again for the purpose of gaining their consent. Similarly, we do not ask any children to override their parent’s refusal for immunisation.

If we do not have any indication from parents whether they
want their child to be immunised or not, we may ask the child directly if they want to be immunised. A child can consent to their own treatment if they’re believed to have enough intelligence, competence and understanding to fully appreciate what’s involved. This is known as being Gillick competent.

Our nursing team are trained to carry out assessments to
determine Gillick competency using the questions below. We would not pursue immunising a child without a high level of confidence in the child’s ability to make this decision for themselves.



Gillick Competency Questions to Assess Child’s Capacity

Has the young person presented for vaccination with no coercion?

Is there evidence of written refusal from parent/guardian?

Has the young person read and understood the vaccine information?

Does the young person have maturity and intelligence to understand what they are consenting to and any risks/benefits of immunisation?

Is the young person willing to allow you to contact parent/guardian to discuss vaccination?

Has the young person considered any other options?

Are the young person’s parent/guardian aware that they are giving self-consent?

For more information on consent please visit NHS ‘Consent to treatment’ 

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Please visit your child’s school page for their school code to complete a consent form. For primary schools please click here, for secondary schools please click here and for SEND schools please click here.

If you would like to translate the consent forms please click here.

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