Behavioural Science Immunisation Project

The NHS Long Term Plan is committed to improving childhood immunisation rates. Improving the quality of our School Aged Immunisation Service provision is a key element in increasing vaccination uptake,  protecting London’s population, including Enfield , from outbreaks of preventable diseases. As part of our duty of care, and strategy to abate health inequalities, we want to ensure everyone has equal access to healthcare. This includes being empowered to, and having the right information to make informed choices.

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Trust is committed to increasing engagement, and established a Behavioural Science Project team, which for 10 months, focusing on schools that were identified as having low rates of uptake. The team used additional digital programmes to maximise information and are using this intelligence to better target Enfield’s school aged population. The project team are working closely with parents, Enfield schools, Enfield Local Authority, and community groups to gain insights to potential barriers that families encounter navigating their way around accessing immunisation information and services.

The project completed in April 2023 and all findings and outcomes were contained in a report and shared with the multiple stakeholders. Please see this report and it’s findings below.

In May 2023, our team transitioned to North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust where we plan to continue working to improve our service.